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Promoting focus, fitness, respect, discipline, self-defense & life-long confidence.

At Eggleston’s Karate Studio, we strive every day to build self-assured champions while having fun in an environment of respect and encouragement. There’s nothing like the martial arts to develop confidence, self-discipline, courtesy and perseverance; all the traits that foster accomplishment and future leaders. 

With us, you’ll:

  • Build self-confidence & discipline
  • Improve focus, academics & physical fitness
  • Enjoy more energy for work, school & play
  • Get realistic methods of self-defense
  • Meet and have fun with new friends

I want to register for a fun & challenging martial arts program!

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We’re a traditional karate school specializing in Okinawan Karate, Kobudo and Okinawan Goju Ryu.
We’re a black belt school and do not discriminate on the basis of race, creed, nationality, disability or performance. Pay us a visit and find out what will be the best classes for you or your child’s interest and fitness level. We offer kids’ karate as well as adult karate and kickboxing for both beginners and folks who may have been working out for a while. Together, we’ll set some goals and get going forward to meeting them!

Tournaments & Registration Information

2021 VA AAU Regional Championship

  • EKS Annex
  • 10090 Midlothian Turnpike
    N. Chesterfield, VA 23235

To get started, contact us for martial arts classes you’re going to love!

We know you’re going to be amazed at the results you or your child gets—physically and mentally at home, work and school!


2 lessons for $5 plus a FREE uniform!


$75 week plus a FREE uniform
(only 20 spots)

"True karate is this: that in daily life one's mind and body be trained and developed in a spirit of humility, and that in critical times, one be devoted utterly to the cause of justice."

— Gichin Funakoshi

"Our 4 year old recently started lessons at EKS. The instructors are incredible, the older kids are amazing with our little one. Our son looks forward to days he has karate- what an exciting time, it's awesome watching him thrive under their guidance and instruction. They teach in a loving, firm, easy to understand way so our son experiences success from hard work."

— Krista Watson

"Mental, and physical development that one needs for success in life. Good for children, and adults."

— Lorenzo Myers

"Y'all have boosted my daughter's self esteem and have helped her find her inner confidence."

— Tamra Woods

"Changed my life!"

— Matt Dullaghan

"I enrolled my two boys, Jamie and Niko, when they were 7 and 5 years old. In the next two years they learned not just valuable self-defense skills, but more importantly, honor, self-discipline, going all out, respect, and perseverance. It was the best investment that I have ever made in my kids. EKS Karate is world class. 2001 World Champion, Renshi, is the reason you should enroll your kids. Have them train from the best."

— Chris Dimitris

"One of the best choices you will make. Our son has participated at EKS for 19 years now. He started at 7 and continued all through his school years. He went to college, came home and still participates and teaches with this karate family. The owners and instructors here really do care for each and every student."

— Roxanna Payne

"Our family has been going here for 14 years. My husband and 3 boys have all trained here. We have all become a big family with everyone there and my boys have grown up there and gained some life long friends."

— Trish Henderlite


Monday 4 PM - 9 PM
Tuesday 4 PM - 8:30 PM
Wednesday 4 PM - 9 PM
Thursday 4 PM - 9 PM
Friday 4 PM - 9 PM
Saturday 9:30 AM - 2:00 PM
Sunday Closed

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